Friday, 1 October 2010

Release and the Village voice

The producer of Release sent me a link to one of our harsher reviews last night on the eve of the film opening at a cinema in New York.

Well I sent Michelle a little thank you note for her trouble:

Hi Michelle

Thank you for taking time to watch our film and giving your comments to the world about it.

People seem to either like or hate this film and you obviously fall into the later category.

I personally stand by the film and how I portrayed the character of Max.

Rightly or wrongly it was a stylized performance for a stylized film - which myself and everyone involved put a lot of hard work in to.

This is all too easy to forget  trivializing it in a couple of lines on website.

However the gift of laughter is rare and I'm glad to have given it to you with my portrayal of this character.

You'll be pleased to know my next role - in a film called Buffering - is intentionally comedic - I hope you laugh at that one too.

Kind regards

Bernie Hodges
the laughable villain

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